4 Hand Painted Wedding Shoe Ideas

Are you or a loved one getting married soon? Are you looking for some untraditional wedding shoes that you can wear long after your wedding day? You're in the right place!
I absolutely love when people reach out to me about painting custom wedding shoes for their big day. Sure, you can buy expensive shoes to wear, but there's something so special about wearing one-of-a-kind shoes that were created specifically for you. Many people that reach out have a story behind the idea they have for their shoes, and it's an honor to create something meaningful for them. Here are 4 hand painted wedding shoe ideas to help inspire you!

1. Camo Hearts

Military brides, this one is for you! These shoes were painted for a bride who was in the military. She really wanted to do something special for her fiancé on their wedding day and decided to surprise him with these shoes. Whether you yourself are in the military or your fiancé is, this is a sweet and sentimental shoe option!

2. Patriots

Who said sports and weddings don't mix?! The cool thing about your wedding is that you can tie your interests and passions in and truly create a day that's all about you and your love. One time, a bride reached out who was marrying a Patriots player. She wanted to have pictures taken in Patriots Toms on their wedding day! If you and your fiancé are big sports fans, this could be a fun option for you.

3. Sunflowers

Everyone loves flowers, especially at a wedding! Although these aren't necessarily custom shoes (you'll see in my shop that I love to paint sunflowers), they are perfect for a wedding. I've had a handful of brides and bridesmaids wear sunflowers Converse down the aisle. I can also create custom shoes for you and incorporate flowers from your bridal bouquet!

4. Halloween

Is your wedding during spooky season? Fall is a very popular time for weddings, so why not incorporate Halloween! For one particular wedding that took place on Halloween, the ring bearers wore custom Halloween Converse. The sides had skeletons, ghosts, and some webs with their names on it. It was such a cute and unique idea!
I hope this inspired you and gave you some ideas for hand painted shoes that you can wear on your wedding day. Feel free to browse the available shoes here. I also accept custom work, so if you like my style and there's something specific you're looking for, I invite you to fill out a contact form here!

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