6 Reasons Why I Love Pop-up Events

The summer season is always exciting and busy because it means one thing: pop-up events! If you've never been to a pop-up, they're a blast and I highly recommend checking one out. Typically these events are all about local makers coming together to sell their creations.
You can usually expect music, good food, drinks, beautiful products, and lots of connections made within the local community. I look forward to pop-up season every year, and here are some reasons why I love these events so much!

1. Connecting with other small business owners.

While the small business community is so vibrant and supportive, it's actually quite difficult to get to know other small business owners in person. I love my Instagram community and have lots of friends I talk to on the app, but getting to know people face-to-face is so special.
When you see the same vendors over and over again at these pop-ups, you have the opportunity to put faces to the businesses and develop friendships with fellow makers!

2. Meeting customers face-to-face.

Another massive benefit to the pop-up events is that I'm able to meet and thank my customers face-to-face. That human connection is so important to me, because my customers are why I love my business so much. They motivate me to keep painting on long days and consistently put my best work out there.

3. Being able to see the reactions firsthand.

Seeing someone fall in love with one of my designs in person holds so much more weight than a like on Instagram. I love getting to see the reactions people have to different designs, products, or pricing, and often times those reactions lead to conversations about custom designs or new design ideas!

4. Growing my local presence in my community.

I really enjoy where I live and love supporting local businesses (especially the coffee shops!). Surprisingly, I currently sell most of my shoes in Texas. I love that attending pop-ups and connecting with people in my community gives me the opportunity to grow my local presence. New England residents love supporting local—it's just about getting your name out there!

5. Meeting market owners.

Believe it or not, networking is key when it comes to pop-up events. There are some markets that I never get accepted to—even after applying to them for years. Last year, I had the opportunity to attend a pop-up in South Boston, and some of the market owners and directors came by and introduced themselves. This year, I was ecstatic to get into certain markets for the first time ever!

6. Having the opportunity to test out different products and designs.

Sometimes I use pop-ups as a trial run for new products and designs before putting them up on my website. Not only does this allow attendees to be the first ones to access brand new things, but it also allows me the chance to test out different things and see what people like. This is enjoyable for me because I get to flex my creativity muscles, and it also helps me take feedback into account before officially launching something new.

Upcoming Pop-up Dates

So yes, pop-ups are a freaking blast. To say I'm excited for the ones I have coming up this summer is an understatement! If you'd like to experience a pop-up event for yourself and come hang out and shop in person, below are the dates and locations I have on my schedule.
June 17th: Boston Women's Market at Assembly Row
June 24th-25th: Vintage Bazaar in Haverhill, MA at Kimball Farm
July 9th: SOWA Market in Boston
August 6th: SOWA Market in Boston

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