That Time the Kardashians Bought My Shoes

pastel converse

Did the title of this post get your attention? I still can't believe it myself, but it's true—the Kardashians are customers of With Love, Paint. I am honored and excited to share this story with you that completely took me by surprise this month!

I thought it was a fake at first.

I received a message on Etsy from "Khloe Kardashian's assistant" asking for pastel tie dye converse for Khloe's daughter for an event. I put that in quotes because to be honest, I thought it was fake! In my defense, I did have some experiences with scammers over the past month, so I was looking out for this kind of thing. Regardless of whether or not I thought it was actually her assistant contacting me, I of course said yes to painting the shoes.
Well, she ended up ordering a second pair for a cousin. I tie dyed the shoes and rush shipped them out to them. I don't watch their show or stay up-to-date on the Kardashians, but my sister-in-law does. After chatting with her, she guessed they were for True's birthday party—and it turns out, they were!

My shoes ended up on their Instagram stories!

Even after sending the shoes out to their new home, I wasn't positive if they were actually going to the Kardashians. I didn't want to get my hopes up. On the day of the birthday party, I noticed that Khloe's daughter and her cousin were wearing the shoes on Kylie's and Khloe's Instagram stories!
That was when it finally sunk in that it WAS Khloe's assistant who messaged me and purchased the shoes. This was such a wild moment for my business, and I felt blessed that they chose my shoes for the event.

I almost didn't share this story.

It's worth mentioning that I almost didn't share this story with anyone outside of family and friends. Why? I didn't want to sound like I was bragging about the experience or sharing too much when there are kids involved.
After lots of encouragement and support from my loved ones, I decided that this was too big of a moment for my business to NOT share it. It's something I'm very proud of and will always remember. Thank you for supporting me and my small business, because without that, crazy moments like this wouldn't be possible.

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