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I am back again with another artist feature!

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Knotty. They are a husband and wife team and are both incredibly talented. Learn more about them below!

Tell me about your brand, how did you get started?
"Well, both my husband and I run our own separate businesses, he's a contractor and I'm a graphic designer. In 2016 he tore down an old horse barn and salvaged all the wood because it was so beautiful. We had no idea what to do with it. Then we started getting a lot of requests from friends and family to create wood signs for them -they figured his carpentry skills and my design skills could work together-we had never thought of this. Then we thought about using the barnwood to help keep us different from any competition. Time for a name: we're high school sweethearts and we started dating because of an inappropriate joke he had written to me in a note. We always remember that fondly, and that came to mind, along with our inuendos we commonly talk to each other with. So... Naughty & knotty... Stands out!"
What inspires you?
"Beautiful homes, home interior styling, craftsmanship, handcrafted furniture, funny quotes, quotes, life! (My next tattoo: "live inspired" on my arm)"
What is your favorite product you've made?
"We've made some fun items, from coffee tables, to shelves/coat hangers made from an old window... But my personal favorite is our mountain signs. They are so creative, unique and fun." 
When you're in the studio, what are you listening to?
"This is not for us. We get into our workshop and immediately music is blasting! We honestly will listen to everything from death metal, to hip hop to country. Sometimes, we even listen to motivational podcasts."

Tell me about your creative process.
"I can't speak to my husbands process when building the pieces, but for me creating the designs on the signs, I generally like to search the web for different themes to get fun or heartwarming quotes. From there... I put on the music, or a good audio book, and play around. I choose fonts depending on the feeling of the piece, the audience, or if it's a custom piece, the clients wants. A lot of times for clients, I give them numerous options because I have a hard time deciding and my tastes can sometimes differ from theirs. Once it's designed in my design programs I upload it to my cricut to cut the vinyl, and install on the piece."

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
"Don't chase the money. Do it for the passion. When you start chasing the dollar, you lose your creative freedom."

What is your dream project?
"Creating furniture or home decor for one of our favorite musicians would be epic."

Check out their Etsy shop here. 
Check out their website here. 
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